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13 Mar

I wish it’s mii birthday!


Now I’ll tell …

13 Mar

Now I’ll tell youuh who I really love 4evahh

  • His name is …






Benny o

Benny oi

Benny Oi o

Benny oi oi 

Benny boy  oi oi

Okaiiz do now youuh know who I love Bennyboy oi oi We’re married So do not even try to Kiss him or call him Sexy Because Girls and Gayz HES MINE 

Whoeveah called him sexy BACK OFF

for cryin’ out loud! 

I just said the swear tho ♥

Tho all of these days

12 Mar

All of these days I’ve friends like Bex On lvl 15


But I emliy am Only on lvl 5!


I have been on msp since June Lawst Year!!!


-Emliy- ♥

My friendz

12 Mar

Lucky Lily Rosanna2001  NewYorkcity123 Bennyboy Oi oi (IVE GOT MUCH MORE BUT THEY HAVE POPPED OUTTA MII HEAD


MovieStarPlanet Friends and Fourtune

12 Mar

MovieStarPlanet Friends and Fourtune

My msp Life is AWSOME!! Come and make yuur own free character today!!

  1. Youhh getta have an Boyfriend Get married have children
  2. Youhh only haveta Put youuh E-mail It won’t tell no one tho

I’ve really Enjoyed Being an VIP I’m not an Judge or Jury but I know a lot about msp ♥

Youhh have friend and talk to the people youh don’t know but their nice peeps (EXEPT HACKERS) 

Want an link huh?


I dressed her up

11 Mar

While I went I found these


Lolly Pops and Rainbow Sunshine!!


I dressed her up

11 Mar

I’ll show some more in a minute x


I dressed that aswell ♥

Image How cute is that?

Thats it from meeh


-Emliy- ♥